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Dance de COCO Dance Off

Local competitive dancing has a new space in Trinidad and Tobago at the COCO Dance Festival 2017 with the launch of the "Dance De COCO" Dance Off. This year, the Contemporary Choreographers' Collective (COCO) put out an open call to all local dancers on its social media channels welcoming all local dancers to compete for prizes. This new competitive element to the 9th annual COCO Dance Festival required competitors to prepare a 3-minute (or less) piece, in any dance style, from soloists or groups of 5 members or less.

The finalists, "TNT" Curt Alexander, Alexander Francis and Shane Elborn - presented in three separate acts, soloist Tevin Daniel, duet Aaliyah De Vlugt and Danya James, soloist Alyssa Baird and soloist Omari Anderson, competed before a panel of celebrity judges including: Director La Danse Caraibe, Choreographer and Teacher, Heather Henderson-Gordon,  Music Producer, DJ and Entertainer, 1st Klase,  Artistic Director - Elle NYTT, Assistant Professor - Modern & Contemporary Dance, UTT La Shaun Prescott, US Contemporary African Choreographer, Dancer Taurus Broadhurst and special guest, US Actor, Author and Inspirational Speaker, Malik Yoba.

Conception Virtual vid_Day3

Conception Virtual vid_Day3

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