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The Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective (COCO Dance Festival) is thrilled to have received support from the Creative Industries Innovation Fund of the Caribbean Development Bank to develop its online presence.


COCO 2022 Livestream

We live-streamed our in-person festival for the very first time.


Interviews and
Online Classes

We developed interview content, and expanded our offerings to include Caribbean-centric online classes, starting with content from the beautiful island of the Grenada.

Courtenay Thorne in Forward - photo by Denith McNicolls - COCO 2016 - 14853057_12483961452


We stepped up our donation drive by establishing a crowdfunding platform which can be accessed via our QR code.

COCO Launch of COCO Online Expansion

Sonja Dumas leads a discussion on the future of Contemporary Caribbean Dance.

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Healthy Foods,
Healthy Moves

We also created health and wellness animation for children using dance, and we hope to do more in the future.

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COCO Dance Hub

We’ve begun the development of our marketing strategy to help COCO to grow both in-person and online.


Nicole Wesley holds training workshops for secondary school teachers


Dance Production Manual

Another big thing is our dance production manual that we developed for secondary school Theatre Arts students.



We will also be creating our e-commerce platform to add products to our current merchandise offering of The COCO Book of Dance. 

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Nicole Wesley holds training workshops for secondary school teachers at Signal Hill Secondary School and Preysal Secondary School in September, 2022 under the COCO in the Community programme, and in conjunction with the Secondary Schools Dance Educators Association of Trinidad and Tobago

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COCO Dance Festival 2022

The Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective, COCO 2022 streamed live from Queen's Hall in Port of Spain, Trinidad, on October 29 & 30, 2022. This was the fourteenth year of this amazing dance presentation, which featured the work of dance artists from Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, the USA, and Mexico. 


COCO Dance Festival 2022

The COCO Dance Festival 2023 was also restreamed  and can still be viewed online.

Watch one show for US$10

Watch two shows for US$18

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Healthy Foods, Healthy Moves

This animated dance and health video is a collaboration between COCO and Sandra Vivas Art of Dominica to bring awareness to children’s wellbeing through animated dance. 

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COCO and Carnival

Camilla Quamina interviews "mas philosopher" Tracey Sankar-Charleau for COCO Dance Festival. As a performer for COCO, Tracey brings a wealth of expertise as a mas artist into the world of contemporary dance.

Contemporary Class at UTT

Fulbright scholar and PhD candidate Anne Wharton teaches a contemporary class focusing on release technique at the University of Trinidad & Tobago as part of COCO’s outreach to the community. A full recording of class is coming online soon for participants who wish to take the class at home.

Launch of COCO Online Expansion

Sonja Dumas discusses the future of Contemporary Caribbean Dance with Malene Joseph, Neila Ebanks and John Hunte for the online launch of COCO Dance Festival 2022.

Dance in Grenada

Cecilia Griffith, Artistic Director of Conception Dance Theatre in Grenada, conducts a class in the village of Tivoli in the northeast part of the island.

Dance in Grenada 

Cecilia Griffith of Conception Dance Theatre teaches two dance classes.

Dance in Grenada

Cecilia Griffith of Conception Dance Theatre teaches two dance classes.

The COCO Journey

The COCO Journey" is a short retrospective documentary that serves to chronicle a few of the challenges and triumphs of the Contemporary Choreographers' Collective's 14-going-on-15-year effort to develop dance in the Caribbean region. Many lessons can be learnt.

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Dance Production Manual

As part of the 2019 COCO in the Community effort, COCO developed and presented a brief teaching aid for all Caribbean Theatre Arts teachers to assist them in their delivery of the production side of the arts. This manual is an expansion of that presentation on dance production from which educators and young professionals in the business can benefit.
This project was made possible through CIIF’s Community of Practice.

Dance Hub Manual

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